Paper coupons have never truly benefited everyone. While they’ve always been great for consumers — bringing readily available deals straight to their mailboxes — they’ve never quite lived up to their promise for brands and retailers. 

Coupons are costly to print. And with 22% of recipients tossing coupons straight into the trash without even looking at them, the redemption rate has unsurprisingly been low — and the environmental impact high. For retailers, paper coupons have caused confusion for customer service staff and slowdowns in checkout lanes, creating a frustrating in-store experience for shoppers. 

As we’ve entered the age of all things digital, Ibotta has pioneered a new way to offer rewards, leveraging the digital formats that consumers now demand via our direct-to-consumer app. Today, with Ibotta Performance Network (IPN) and its slew of partners, we’re doing it on an even bigger scale, generating a “win-win-win” situation for consumers, brands, and retailers alike. 

Here’s how we do it.



The win-win-win flywheel

We created the Ibotta Performance Network in pursuit of Ibotta’s mission: to help more consumers earn rewards on everyday purchases. In doing so, we also empower brands, retailers, and publishers to influence where consumers shop and what they buy. This symbiotic relationship fuels what we like to call the win-win-win flywheel.

Let’s break it down. 

Consumers come to Ibotta and its partners for great deals on the products they want and need. The more of those digital offers we can make available to them, the more they can save and the more personalized those offers can be. And what consumer today doesn’t want a more personalized shopping experience?

Brands, publishers, and retailers benefit from greater offer personalization too. For brands, personalization means a larger addressable audience and the ability to get the right deals in front of the right consumers at the right time. For retailers and publishers, personalization translates into increased sales, basket size, and trip frequency — in other words, greater customer loyalty and engagement. This entices even more publishers and retailers to join the IPN.

As our network of retailers and publishers grows, shoppers can take advantage of cash-back rewards in more places. This attracts more consumers to the Ibotta app, browser extension, and website as well as our many IPN partners like Walmart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. Seeing the value and scale we can deliver, even more brands are enticed to run offers on the Ibotta Performance Network — and round and round the flywheel goes. 

By ensuring everyone wins with the IPN, we keep this flywheel turning and deliver best-in-class experiences and results to every consumer, brand, and retailer our network touches. And those experiences only get better the more you win.

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Why it works

As the flywheel accelerates, the IPN creates bigger and better wins for everyone: consumers earn more rewards, brands get their promotions in front of more shoppers, and retailers get access to an ever-growing inventory of digital offer content. But let’s dig into why exactly this flywheel model works so well.

Why brands work with us

Ibotta enables marketers to drive — and measure — incremental sales by influencing what people buy, and where and how often they shop. For brands, tapping into the IPN enables them to reach more than 200 million consumers and 91% of American households. Combined with this unprecedented scale is a pay-per-sale model that ensures every dollar spent actually moves the needle on their marketing goals. And with real-time performance tracking and optimization, brands can fine-tune their campaigns for even greater impact. 

Why retailers and publishers work with us

The IPN provides rewards as a service to retailer and publisher partners looking to boost their customer loyalty. Through a simple, cost-free integration with the IPN, they get access to four times the national CPG offer content as they would with our leading competitor. These digital offers are critical for attracting, acquiring, and retaining today’s shoppers. And with our turnkey API suite, retailers and publishers are able to provide more relevant and personalized offer content to their customers, improving the customer experience and increasing engagement.

Why consumers love us

Consumers have always been at the heart of our mission at Ibotta, and we work hard to improve their lives every day. With a variety of shopping options in-store and online, from the phone or the computer, consumers get access to rewards from over 2,400 brands at over 1,000 retailers. As a result, we’ve delivered more than $1.8 billion in savings to consumers’ wallets to date. And with our unique AI-driven personalization, the IPN brings consumers more of the offers that matter most to them. 

The results speak for themselves


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