The following case study demonstrates the effectiveness of driving trial of a new national soft drink product on the Ibotta Performance Network. The client was interested in driving awareness of their new product, gaining new redeemers, and stealing share from their key competitors.

The Ibotta Performance Network delivers significant sales lift

When activating on the IPN, this soft drink brand drove a 228% lift in daily sales velocity (units) vs. the pre-campaign period.

RH Article Chart Graphics (Soft Drinks)_sales lift

Stealing share with competitive brand loyalists

42.4% of the client brand’s redeemers exclusively purchased a competitive soft drink brand previously.

RH Article Chart Graphics (Soft Drinks)_redeemer loyalty

Increasing market share with the IPN

Four weeks following the IPN campaign the client brand saw 35.5% follow-on purchasers of the product.

RH Article Chart Graphics (Soft Drinks)_market share 1RH Article Chart Graphics (Soft Drinks)_market share 2

With the Ibotta Performance Network, a national soft drink brand executed a successful campaign that not only drove consistent trial of a new product line during and after the campaign but also effectively targeted and influenced the purchasing behavior of redeemers who typically purchase competitor brands.


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