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The Ibotta Performance Network (IPN) provides retailers and their customers with more than 4X the volume of national CPG offers compared to the leading competitor.

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What sets the IPN apart?

Retail giants like Walmart and Dollar General trust Ibotta's platform to not only deliver thousands of digital offers to their customers, but also to access a comprehensive suite of versatile capabilities including offer inventory management, offer personalization, and offer administration. IPN publisher partners have access to:

4X more national offers vs. the leading competitor

900+ offers available daily

$2,500+ in daily savings for shoppers

Provide the value consumers demand

With promotions swaying 74% of consumers on where they shop1, Ibotta is arming publishers with the technology to acquire and retain valuable shoppers with revolutionary digital offer programs.
1Consumer Intel Report Vericast, 2021, 2Lending Tree Report, 2023

72% of consumers shop more frequently at companies with reward programs2

52% of consumers spend more at companies with reward programs2

Join the leader in rewards technology

Ibotta is pioneering Rewards as a Service with a decade of direct-to-consumer experience, leveraging industry leading rewards technology to power the future of digital offer programs. Harness custom APIs, real-time anti-stacking, and a multitude of flexible offer types to create the most seamless customer experience.

Digital offer program flexibility

Offers from the IPN are flexible, giving our publishers the ability to determine how to deploy offers within their ecosystem. Publishers can use offers as: 

  • Digital coupons: provide a discount at POS
  • Cash back offers: provide the consumer with a reward that can be used on a subsequent trip in-store or online
  • Flexible coupons: allow the consumer to decide if they want the value on their current trip or if they want to bank their rewards for future use

Ibotta works with publishers to build a custom program that maximizes value for shoppers and achieves the retailer's goals around loyalty.  Ibotta also supports diverse sources of offer funding, including national, shopper, and retailer-funded offers.

Boost retail media network performance and revenue

Incorporating digital offers into media placements creates a more compelling call to action and drives higher ad conversion.  Digital offers also require that consumers "check-in at check-out" giving retailers greater ability to track purchases longitudinally and attribute in-store sales to digital media exposure. 

How it works

1. Ibotta sources CPG brand offers

Publishers benefit from a simple setup facilitated by a single integration, accessing the largest supply of national CPG offers to maximize consumer value and drive category growth.

2. Distribute across our network

The IPN delivers 900+ national manufacturer offers to publisher properties including top retailers like Walmart, Dollar General, and Kroger.

3. Utilize best in class technology

With a single integration, use Ibotta-sourced offers as digital coupons, cash-back/loyalty points, or a combination. This allows a customer to decide if they want a discount on their current trip or a reward added for a future trip.

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