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Reach platforms with more than 120 million shoppers through Ibotta’s access to leading retailers, publishers, and owned digital properties.

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"The IPN is the type of innovation that we are always looking for. Ibotta is taking something that has for a long time been very manual, paper-based, non-digital, and digitizing assets for customers." - John Furner, CEO of Walmart U.S.

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Make your budgets work harder on the Ibotta Performance Network. Reach over 120M shoppers and pay only when it leads to a verified unit sold. No more hollow impressions or clicks.

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Create a closed-looped system where cash offers are linked to a unique shopper and, once redeemed in-store or online, are credited directly to their account for future purchases at that retailer.

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Pay per sale, not click or clip. Advertisers on the Ibotta Performance Network average 4X return on investment and 119% lift in sales per campaign.

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