This frozen meal brand partnered with the Ibotta Performance Network to steal market share from their top competitors in tandem with driving sales volume and boosting brand awareness.

Stealing market share

The frozen meal client brand increased market share by 73%, over taking their top competitors at three different times during the campaign.

Frozen Meals (1) Stealing market share (1)

A valuable return on investment

The IPN campaign resulted in a 58% incremental unit lift for the frozen meal client brand.

Frozen Meals (2) A Valuable ROI (1)

The Ibotta Performance Network delivers significant volume lift

When activating on the IPN, this frozen meal brand saw a 164% sales lift in daily units moved, during the campaign.

Frozen Meals (3) Volume Lift (1)

Frozen meals (3) Volume Lift - Footnote (1)

Media exposure supports lift across brand impressions and sales

When activating various in app ad placements, this frozen meal brand drove a spike in impressions and offer redemptions.

Frozen Meals (4a) Media Exposure (1)Frozen Meals (4b) Media Exposure (1)

Frozen Meals (4a) Media Exposure - Footnote 1 (1)Frozen Meals (4a) Media Exposure - Footnote 2 (1)

Through the Ibotta Performance Network, a frozen meal brand successfully ran a campaign that not only led to a significant increase in market share but also effectively drove additional unit sales and enhanced brand awareness, which resulted in a high engagement with the brand.


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