AppCard — the leading marketing personalization, shopper analytics, and customer retention platform for independent grocers — is partnering with Ibotta and joining the IPN, the first digital network that delivers promotions in a coordinated fashion across retailer platforms, large third-party publisher sites, and Ibotta’s leading direct-to-consumer properties.

AppCard is the first one-to-many partner that supplies independent grocers with digital loyalty content across multiple channels: mobile (in-app), email, web, in-store signage, shelf tag, kiosk, and more.

The partnership marks a significant expansion of the IPN’s portfolio of publishers, extending the network beyond mass retailers to now include a diverse array of independent retailers as well. Digital offers will become available to an additional 25M shoppers and 2,000 stores across 375 AppCard independent grocers on the IPN.

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What Senior Leaders are saying

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How it works for shoppers

Shoppers can join AppCard and/or their preferred independent grocer’s loyalty platform and simply:

Discover and activate offers from any channel (mobile app, email, kiosk, etc.).

Purchase the associated products in-store.

Receive digital offers at checkout through point of sale.

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What it means for CPG Brands

CPG brands will amplify national campaigns on the IPN reaching 91% of American households — enabling those brands to achieve customer goals with AppCard and their new digital offers.

  • Reach consumers at ‘hard to reach’ retailers — AppCard offers are promoted via mobile (in-app), email, web, in-store signage, shelf tags & in-lane touchscreen terminal (at checkout).
  • Pay-per-sale — not clips, clicks, or impressions.
  • Track and optimize performance in real time.
  • Never incur coupon handling or processing fees.
  • Gain anti-stacking protection.


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