Published by Bryan Leach, Founder and CEO of Ibotta, Inc. 

I recently had the honor of welcoming Chris Cracchiolo, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Walmart+ at Walmart for a special webinar to announce the launch of our Ibotta Performance Network (IPN). During our talk, Chris spoke about how the IPN “is a tremendous win for Walmart’s customers,” how it “engages them in new ways,” and “is another way to fulfill Walmart’s promise to save customers time and money.”

We discussed trends and solutions to everyday business challenges clients face as they consider where and how to spend their marketing budgets. Retailers, advertisers, and consumers are facing unprecedented disruptions, including inflation and supply chain issues, which ultimately impact consumer purchasing power. The IPN brings value to all stakeholders within the ecosystem while strengthening the bonds between them. 

Thanks to IPN, three of the main challenges for Performance Marketing no longer exist:

1 - Limited Scale v. Traditional Media

  • With newspapers on the decline and more people online, pay for performance digital offers are now available at unprecedented scale.

2 - Inefficient, Poor ROI Campaigns

  • Digital rewards allow advertisers to only pay for completed sales. At scale this is a much better alternative to printing/distributing paper coupons (more than 99% go unused)

3 - Fragmentation of Platforms

  • IPN allows advertisers to access, manage, and monitor campaigns in one place, creating a single interface for performance marketing at scale

For more information, watch our highlight video and visit Ibotta’s IPN website.

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