Super Bowl season, baby — advertising’s biggest moment frenzied with media buzz and 100 million viewers. One player stands out in the retail marketing arena: the Ibotta Performance Network (IPN).

70% of CPG brands with a big game ad also have an offer live on the Ibotta Performance Network. Why is this significant — especially now at a time synonymous with some of the most iconic advertising campaigns? It’s because this period is not just about creating memorable ads, it’s also about how these ads translate into tangible results. For retailers and publishers, here’s where Ibotta’s dual-sided advantage comes into play.

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Gaining access to more offers
Seeing how it works for retailers and publishers
Addressing advertising inefficiencies
Tying it together: Measurement and performance at scale


Gaining access to more offers

IPN retailer and publisher partners have access to:

  • 4X more national offers vs. the leading competitor
  • 900+ offers available daily
  • $2,500+ in daily savings for shoppers

The IPN delivers 4X more national CPG offers than its leading competitor.

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The ability to access four times more national content presents a tremendous opportunity for publishers. 

  • Promotions sway 74% of consumers on where they shop.¹
  • 72% of consumers shop more frequently at companies with reward programs.²
  • 52% of consumers spend more at companies with reward programs.³

The abundance of offers, sourced from 2,250+ brands active on the IPN, opens up new avenues for growth. By partnering with Ibotta, retailers can effortlessly tap into this rich pool of national offers and effectively leverage major household names through a single, streamlined solution.

Seeing how it works for retailers and publishers

Retailers and publishers work with the IPN to build custom, white-labled digital offer programs that maximize value for shoppers — through a flexible platform that offers cash back in a closed-loop currency, digital coupons at the point-of-sale, or a unique combination. The IPN supports diverse offer structures — national, shopper, or retailer-funded — efficiently meeting each publisher's program goals.

Every day, the IPN consistently provides digital offers translating into an impressive daily savings of over $2,500 for retailers and other publisher partners to seamlessly integrate into their digital offers programs. Since promotions can effectively sway a majority of consumers on where they shop, how frequently they shop, and how much they spend, this massive amount of available savings provides the value that consumers demand while also driving impactful results.

In addition to more offers, Ibotta’s Rewards as a Service utilizes the latest in API-driven technologies to provide partners with a comprehensive suite of versatile capabilities to power end-to-end digital offers programs with minimal technical integration.

What does this all look like in practice? Ibotta partners leverage our experts — from digital architects and analysts to UX designers, with over ten years of experience operating the leading direct-to-consumer platform in grocery and CPG rewards — to support the design, build, and operation of their digital offers programs.

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Addressing advertising inefficiencies

Efficiency is critical. Super Bowl ads, lauded for their artistry and resonance, represent the upper funnel of media advertising, building hype and brand awareness. However, in addition to these investments sacking the budget, they’re also difficult to measure in terms of direct impact on sales and consumer behavior. The IPN not only amplifies awareness but also provides a directly measurable impact on sales volume and incremental return — with a crystal clear view of the ROI for brand partners.

Tying it together: Measurement and performance at scale

By offering access to a significantly larger pool of national CPG offers and presenting a viable solution to the challenge of measuring advertising effectiveness, Ibotta positions itself as a key player in the retail marketing domain. Industry-leading companies are quickly joining the IPN to ensure a critical competitive advantage.

For retailers and publishers, Ibotta offers four times more offers than the leading competitor — driving customer loyalty, bigger baskets, and repeat purchases.

For brands, the methodology playbook is based on a pay-per-sale model in addition to billions of transactions being measured down to the product SKU. This way, brands gain tangible measurement of their marketing dollars while budget is never wasted on clicks or coupon clips. Instead, partners can ensure that every dollar spent is a dollar toward measurable growth. In fact, brands on the IPN average:

  • 6X incremental return
  • 41% incremental lift 
  • 42% of conversions new-to-brand


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Achieve your brand goals

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² Lending Tree Report, 2023
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