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Walmart Cash 

Walmart and Ibotta have collaborated to deliver hundreds of manufacturer offers to Walmart customers through and the Walmart app — powered by the Ibotta Performance Network.

How does it work?

Walmart customers will simply:
Add: Clip and add eligible items to their cart.
Purchase: Complete the purchase of eligible items to get Walmart Cash.
Redeem: Walmart Cash will accumulate in the customer’s account for use on future in-store or online Walmart purchases, or to cash-out in store.

What does this mean for advertisers?

  • Efficient, incremental sales
  • Pay per sale, not per click or clip
  • Protection against stacking within the network
  • Track and optimize performance in real time
  • Amplify offers with your Walmart Connect investment

Rich Lehrfeld, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Walmart Connect said, “Now is a critical time for us to demonstrate not only how we support customers through these economic challenges, but how we unlock opportunities for brands to support them, too. That’s why it makes sense to connect item rewards with Walmart's Search advertising. Our advertisers can plug their rewards into one of our most powerful offerings for discovery and purchase – Sponsored Products.”

What do advertisers need to do?

  1. Set up manufacturer offers for Walmart Cash through Ibotta.
  2. Amplify these offers via Walmart Connect with a Sponsored Products campaign.

While Walmart advertisers will continue to purchase ads through Walmart Connect, these manufacturer offers will be sourced and fueled by the Ibotta Performance Network. Advertisers must work directly with Ibotta to set up manufacturer offers.  Existing Walmart suppliers who want to get started can complete the form below and will receive follow-up communications from Ibotta.

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