Amplified Media

Target the right consumer with impactful messaging using Ibotta's deterministic purchase data. Attribute sales directly to paid media investments and optimize for profitability.

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Shouldn't all media buying be this easy?




Craft the perfect message

Set the strategy with Ibotta's 1st party data to inform an efficient amplification of your item-level rewards running across the Ibotta Performance Network.



Target the right consumers

Reach consumers with personalized ads. Leverage Ibotta’s deterministic purchase dataset to target the highest propensity to buy your brand.



Measure the sales impact

Measure 1:1 sales impact of the campaign. Tie media impressions to retailer specific Ibotta redemptions and organic sales to measure ROI and CPUM.

The Trade Desk Partnership

In partnership with the Trade Desk, Ibotta helps advertisers optimize campaigns with targeted off-platform digital media. Brands have wondered how digital media impacts product sales and offer redemptions for too long. We have the answers.

The TradeDesk

Case study:

Tier 1 Laundry Care brand


targeted impressions


cost per unit moved (CPUM)


item-level units sold total


return on investment (ROI)

Are your CPMs in need of CPR?

Get comprehensive details on sales, redemptions and CPUM broken out by retailer to evaluate digital media in real-time.

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